I Was Born in Boston, I'm Just a Maineiac! family joke!

My name is Roger deWardt Lane. I was born at 2 P.M. at the New England Hospital, Roxbury, Mass. on March 28, 1927, weight 7.1 lbs. My Father writes that I lifted my head on the 6th day, all alone. My Mother and I left the hospital on the 15th day. I was baptized on April 16th, Easter Sunday. My Godmother was my Aunt, Helen Robinson Lane, Godfathers; John Holmes McLeod and Harry Osborn Lane, two of my Uncles. My father Andrew Hamilton Lane was the youngest of four Lane boys and had a half brother - John H. McLeod,Jr. My Grandfather and Grandmother Lane, were married in London shortly before they immigrated to the States, arriving in Boston.

The family legend is that some young people were out ice-skating on a pond in Boston, during the winter. One of the people fell in the lake and my Grandfather Henry Dennis Lane (b.1848 d.1878) rescued him. But, sadly, he caught pneumonia and died at a very young age, leaving my Grandmother Elizabeth Beal Lane (b.1851), with three young boys; Harry (b.1874), Edgar (b.1876), Cornelius (b.1878) and my Father born posthumous in 1879. The census records of 1880 show my Grandmother was a dressmaker, living with her Father Robert L. Beal (b.1834) and her Mother Sarah Elizebath deWardt Beal (b.1837, d.1881) in South Boston. She was 29 at the time, but eventually married again to a Scotsman, John Holmes McLeod. They had, one son, John Jr. The Lane family bible records some of these dates.

I only have one picture of him, when he was quite young. Father attended Boston English High School and I do have two Public Exercise programs from 1895 and 1897. Andrew Hamilton Lane had a part in both programs.

My Father told me this tale, how he entered the family business - Innkeeping. "It seems the McLeod-Lane family were very active with the local Parish of the Episcopal Church, the American equivalent of the Church of England". The story continues, this particular parish in Boston, some how (I never got the real details), inherited a property up in the mountains of New Hampshire. It was a closed up resort hotel. It even at one time had a golf course, in those days called golf-links. Well, the church leaders, looked around to find someone to operate the hotel. They settled on the McLeod family; Father, Mother and 4 boys. The older son Harry, by this time was employed as an engineer (he might have even been married to my Aunt Helen, by this time too) and therefore did not join the new family enterprise. John McLeod, Sr. who so the family tale goes, was in the railroad business (actually I think he was a streetcar conductor). Anyway he took a leave of absence so the family could takeover the, then closed up summer hotel - The Pinnacle House. The enterprise was slow going at first, but during the three seasons they ran the resort, they made improvements and operated a successful summer business.

I recall hearing about one event, when a Boston newspaper reporter was invited up for a weekend to write a travel story about the property. Sitting on the sun porch, looking out over the meadows, he said to my Father, "I understand you have a golf-links". At this point my Father pointed to the hay field over yonder, saying, "as soon as we cut the grass, it will be one of the finest in New Hampshire."

They had a big barn on the property, and on inclement weather days, would have activities there for the guests.

I've never seen the original family hotel as it is no longer there, the closest I came was one summer I spent working at the World Famous - Mt. Washington Resort in the White mountains of New Hampshire. I do have a brochure my Father handed down to me, of the Pinnacle Summer House in the late 1890's, showing a picture and great descriptions.

After the McLeod's returned to Boston, my father Andrew and his brother, Edgar Lane, continued in the resort business. Andrew gravitated to the front or business side of innkeeping, while his brother concentrated on the back of the house - the restaurant end. This partnership and eventually as A.H.Lane, proprietor continued to run the winter resorts and a summer hotel on the North Shore above Boston until after the Florida Crash of 1926.

My Mother's family came from the State of Maine, just south of Bangor. The Rogers family had owned the family homestead, a large farm at Orrington Center, for six generations.

I have pictures of my Great Great Grandfather and have found on the Internet some of the Rogers and Harriman family records. Joseph Rogers b.1784 - d.1865, His Father and Mother - Moses Rogers and Thankful Freeman. His son was my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Rogers b.1817 - d.1890, His wife Joanna b.1822 - d.1890.

More family genealogy, using the Internet, found other interesting information. The Rogers line, my Grandmother's family of Orrington, Maine traces back generation after generation, to the "Mayflower" at Plymouth, where they came over from England and prior to that, Italy with King Roger II of Sicily.

The Harriman's start with - Joseph H. Harriman b.1834, his wife Mary J. Harriman b.1837. All the Rogers lived at Orrington, Maine as farmers. The family legend of the Harriman line, was traced to the Harriman's of New York. We have a picture of her uncle Captain James H. Rogers. My Grandmother's Uncle Joseph Sumner Rogers established the Michigan Military Academy in 1877.

My Grandfather William Babbidge Smith, married Susie Rogers in 1883 and eventually purchased the farm from her Father Sydney L. Rogers. Before this, he had worked at several jobs; store clerk at age twenty, coastal seaman, haberdasher, and telegrapher before he took up farming. The farm had several long sheds, two big barns, hen house, pig pen, cow stalls, a milk separator room in one of the pantries, two sheds for cordwood , and when I was very young I can remember being taken on a buggy ride with the one horse they had at the time. About the only other animals there, when I was two or three, were chickens. In fact, when they wanted to have someone baby-sit my Brother and I, on summer visits to Gram & Gramp Smith, they would lock us in the chicken pen under the crab apple tree. I use to tell my baby brother "Don't eat the little apples".

I've gotten way ahead of my story. My Mother was the younger of two children, both very musical as my Grandmother Smith use to play the organ. Flora Belle Smith, was sent to Philadelphia to study voice at the Philadelphia Musical Conservatory. Her Brother Ralph Smith, later taught music at a School in Pennsylvania

Well, as the family story goes; one fall, my Mother was talking to her accompanist who usually went to Florida for the winter and she was invited to go down to St. Petersburg with her. This starts the chapter where my Father finally gave in and got married. The first winter my Mother spent in Florida was also the year my Father had started operating the Edgewater Inn in St. Petersburg.

My Mother related to me, how the resort would put on pageants and entertainments for the guests. One was a beauty contest to select Miss New England. She entered and won! I have a picture of her in her costume, which she made herself, dressed as a pilgrim. My Mother sang at the weekly Sunday Musicals at my Father's hotel.

Anyway, this started a long romance with my Father Andrew, lasting three seasons. In 1925 he finally broke down and proposed. They were married in Clearwater in 1926. Roger was born in Boston the following year. My Mother was 39, never before married. My Father married at age 48, a bachelor until then.

I have a younger Brother, Robert William Lane born the following year. My first name being from my Grandmother's family name Rogers with the "s" dropped. My Mother always told me the Rogers Lane would sounded like Roger Slane, which would have been too Irish for her. My middle name deWardt traces back to my Fathers Grandmother's family name.

The deWardt story will be told in other chapters, as are my early years with my Brother Bob in Orrington, my years in Greenfield at the hotel he managed and the Army years, starting in 1945. My life story continues with my move to Florida, meeting Marilyn, the homes we bought, the many hotels I worked at, until the Diplomat years, followed by the last dozen years at the Saturnia, a summer up north and the Lago Mar Resort, before retirement at age 75. My industry recognized me in 2002 with their first tech award.

I keep busy with my hobbies. We have lots of pictures for Andria's early years, Shanera her daughter, the years Andria, Kirk and the boys lived in Florida and the next few years back in Hawaii. Roger Jr. and his girls are pictured in Hawaii. We end this story with some of the adventures of Mutt and Jeff , their weekly visits to the flea market to look for numismatic items, and a visit of Andria and Matthew, and her trip to Scotland. Roger Jr's girls visited us in Decamber 2005, not long after the bad hurricane Wilma.

Year 2006 went by very fast, weekly coin club meetings, two Sunday coin shows to attend and in the cooler months Mutt & Jeff continue to visit the flea market. Tashina gave us our second Great Grand Daughter in May. The coin clubs had their banquets again around Christmas.

Retirement continued in 2007 with coin club activities, swapshop exercise and sometimes a new numismatic find. Marilyn worked on the gardens and back yard, beautiful again, after the hurricane destruction. My 80th birthday was a new milestone in my life and the time I donated a new collection of interesting coins & exonumia to the ANS. In October, I posted the pages in PDF of my book - Encyclopedia Small Silver Coins on my website. Viewers from many countries looked at them, averaging 2000 - 3000 hits per month.

This past year had more interesting events; Andria returned to Hawaii. Mutt & Jeff still went to the swapshop until it became too hot, for the two hour walk around. The book was finally printed and dozens of copies sold to friends and on the internet. I upgraded to Vista on a new desktop PC. Mutt was able to connect with Jeff over Microsoft-Live and spend enlightened hours talking about numismatics.

The New Year of 2009, shows how fast time flys. Marilyn and I dine our a little more these days, although she still loves to cook and read cook books. My 82nd Birthday, saw another change on my website. The E-book links were taken down, but at the same time Google Books posted almost all of the 600 pages - searchable.

Roger deWardt Lane

Hollywood, Florida

Baby Roger
Grandmother Elizabeth
Young Andrew
The Pinnacle Summer House
Oceanside Resort Marblehead,Mass.
Joseph Rogers and Joanna Rogers
Gram and Gramp Smith with cats
Miss New England 1925
Young Roger and Bob
World War II Germany Occupation 1945-1947
Thirty Years at the Diplomat Resort
Roger presiding at the Hollywood Coin Club Banquet in December