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Early family pictures

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My Dad's auto picture

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This Small Collection of Medals, Notes and Other Numismatic Items

were presented in 2007 to

The American Numismatic Society in New York by

Roger deWardt Lane on my Birthday.

See other items added to their collection. I have donated over 75 Coins, Medals and Other Numismatic Items toThe American Numismatic Society Collection.

The ANS Magazine also printed beautiful pictures of some of the items.

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If I were a Millionaire [Even Canadian Money would be great]

Two Unidentified medals

This was a new collection of numismatic medals, some recently sold, but each had a story.

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Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

With the 1932 recording by Rudy Vallee

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The Great Years - Autobiography Book - Hard Cover - Color 312 pp.

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AH 1315 1898-1926

12 Chomsihs

TARIM Hadramaut


1927 - 16th Year

10 cents-Dr.Sun Yat-Sen



At our last Coin Club Meeting, I added an unidentified small medal

This is the story

Small medal of mine, put away for 40 years, has now seen the light of day and has a story to tell.

See the story

Anything Russian has always been of interest to me.

This medal celebrates the meeting of Americans and Russians in Space.

See the Medal

Mutt and Jeff started going to the Flea market again.

See the latest find and it's story

TheDimeMan has two collecting interests: World Dimes and old interesting medals with a story to tell.

See this Italian Medal

Every coin or medal has a story to tell. Today with the Internet, finding the facts are easy.

See the Granite City story

The Bob Clarke Story


1877 - nd 18mm - Y-10

Earlier Stories of Mutt and Jeff 2007 and before
See the new 2008 Mutt and Jeff Stories
A small Collection of Medals for the ANS in 2008

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Mutt and Jeff need assistance with these unidentified numismatic objects

Mutt and Jeff find a Chinses Madellion with a history story

Unidentified Numismatic Objects - Two

Need Assistance Please

Mutt went alone to an indoor Garage Sale looking for UNO
TheDimeMan aka Mutt

of Mutt & Jeff found a very interesting medal

Mutt did it again, finds an unusual Numismatic Medal with a story



Mutt & Jeff find a crazy U.S. Dollar at the Swap Shop

Click here to see all about it.

Mutt and Jeff back at the SwapShop for the New Year 2009

Three interesting finds

Mutt finds an unusual Numismatic Token at a coin club meeting with interesting history of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans

View the 20 Chapters in PDF Roger with Chris at Holiday Coin Club Banquet Dec 2010

Mutt finds an old picture with Numismatic friends

F(rank) Marvin Rose and his ChopMark story