UNO or Unidentified Numismatic Objects

Posted here is a small German States coin. Mutt has had it in his collection for over forty years. He recently found the coin with a few other holed coins and gave it to Jeff to see if it could be identified. First they have identified the coat of arms as a Saxony State. The inscriptions were not completely clear. But, finding a better graded coin on the internet helped to see them as follows -

Obverse: Crowned, Coat of Arms of Saxony, W • H • Z • S to left,

G • C • II • B • to right, 1656 below.

Duke Friedrich Wilhelm Herzog zu Sachsen Gulich Cleve und Berg

Reverse: cum deo (with god) / bane - faci: / endo bene / faciet

This page shows unidentified numismatic objects. Viewers are asked, if they know anything about any the objects, so please click on the link below and read the e-mail address of Mutt and then please send along a message.

Mutt and Jeff

Thanks to the numismatists who helped.

German States - Saxony New Weimar 1656

Saxony-New-Weimar AR Merseburger 3898

Sachsen-Neu-Weimar Deutschland

It is struck at castle church construction to pay construction workers. It's a so called spruchdreier, translate into saying three.