Mutt and Jeff and the Chinese Medellion

On the trips that MUTT and JEFF take each week to the SwapShop flea market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mutt likes to pick up medals. Then using the internet he tries to identify them. This Chinese medallion has an interesting history. We are still seeking a little additional information - Why was it issued and to whom.

This page shows original unidentified numismatic objects. Viewers are asked, if they knew anything about any of the objects, to please click on the picture of Mutt and Jeff and read the e-mail address of Mutt and then please send along a message.

Chinese Medallion

Medallion 48mm - edge incused WASC and Made in China - copper, obverse and reverse, uniface with the two sides put together.

Obverse: Jiang Jieshi aka Jiang Zhongzheng who we Americans know as Chiangkai-Shek.  He was the KMT Generalissimo who fought with us after Pearl Harbor until the Japanese surrendered.

The edge marking "Made in China" probably mean that the item was manufactured in "Old China" to be sent to America as the law required all items from China to be so marked.

The Incused initials WASC have been identified as "Whampoa Academy South China" The West Point of China which with the help of the Soviets was established in 1920's to train Officers by Jiang.

The legend reads "Jiang" for the Generalissimo and to the right "Allied Victory" 

The reverse seems to be a pattern.  The images of lions outlined left and right on both sides, were somewhat like the 'lions' on a contempary picture with the inscription Chinese Republic For Ever and pictures of General Yuan Shih-kai and Dr. Sun Yat-sen President of the Republic, with two Chinese flags in the background.

My guess is that the medallions were presented to some Americans who gave money to the cause of the Nationalists as they left China for Taiwan.

Based on the character style, and the Allied victory translation the medallion is dated around 1945-1949.

Mutt and Jeff found another unidentified medal this week, it took the combined efforts of both, to fully identify this interesting American medal.

Bronze medallion CHEVRON dated 1979 Commemorative of the 100th anniversary of Standard Oil Company of California. Artist Primo Angeli. 75mm. 50,000 issued. Inscription ONE HUNDRED YEARS HELPING TO CREATE THE FUTURE 1879-1979 / Edge incused © 1979 Medallic Art Co. Danbury CT- Bronze

Artist Primo Angeli is a world famous designer, based in San Francisco.

THE MEDALLION Shown below a USSR BELARUS 1918-1988

70 Year Commerative of the October Revolution issued by

The Belarus Warrior's Association


The inscription on the flag reads "For the People of Unions"

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