Happy New Year from Mutt & Jeff

Were back at the SwapShop for 2009

The weather was in the low 70's, the sky was blue with just a few clouds. We met at the coffee house and left in one auto. This way we cheat the flea market out of a parking fee and arrive together. Jeff was running a little late as he had dozed off again and had to make a quick rush for his car and drove 70 mph to make up for it. He was only 9 minutes late and Mutt said he did not mind. They got to the SwapShop and starting walking through the usual places.

Mutt bought a DVD and said "Have to break the ice or I might not find anything".

Next Mutt was going through some storage locker items, looking at a box of old family photos. A soldier, groups of people, and lots of "family pictures - probalby the soldiers folks".

Mixed in with the pictures was a postal money order dated Jun 11, 1946 from Buffalo, Sta.20,N.Y. The amount was $7.00 pay to: "Elizabeth Companini at Chicago, Ill". The remitter: "A.M.Campanini". The back marked pay to: "Mr. Angelo Campanini, 80 Sidney St." and the endorsement was "Maria Campanini."

The money order was never cashed.

Since a money order is collectable exonumia, Mutt added it to his collection for a small fee.

Mutt was having a good day. While Jeff kept looking at foreign coins, a lot of looking, but not finding much, Mutt struck luck again.

Two medals, one a Herbert Hoover Inaugural medal, small size with great color, dated March 4, 1929, Artist J. R. Sinnock - 33mm

The other quite smaller medal, at first not completely identified. Like the first - great toning & color, was looped - 25mm.


Reverse: A.P.V.A. / 1888


The Virginia ladies organization was founded in 1888. Its first action was to purchase 22.5 acres at Jamestown, Virginia for a memorial. 1607 is the date of the Jamestown landing.

Mutt and Jeff at the local Coin Club Show

The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

This pin-on medallion was worn by APVA members in the early years of the society, up through the 1910's

They have a very interesting website www.apva.org

The medallion shown with ribbons was provided from there collection.

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Mutt added a few new numismatic items to his collection at the recent local coin show.

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