Roger with friends and Marvin Rose

This picture was taken after a coin show with visiting International guests who were coin collectors; Fuji a Japanase accountant who collected American gold coins and his associate, Lee from Singapore also an American coin collector.

F (rank) Marvin Rose, member of the Gold Coast Coin Club was a merchant seaman, who while traveling the Seven Seas had become interested to world coins.

He soon became one of the leading specialists of Chinese Chopmarked coins.

His world-class exhibits of Chopmark Coins won the triple awards of

"Best of Show" at the ANA, CNA followed by the

Mexican convention after translating all the descriptions into Spanish.

Author of the book -  Chopmarks 1987 Numismatic International

F.M.Rose died in 1992, his collection passed to a local dealer with the majority again going to another local member of the coin club.

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