This Small Collection of Medals, Coins, Notes and Other Numismatic Items are being presented to

The American Numismatic Society in New York by Roger deWardt Lane



Mutt and Jeff still go to the local flea market on Thursday - free parking day, when most of the garage sale venders have to arrive at 5:30AM to be assigned a free selling spot. As a result, you never know what odd and interesting collectables you can see and sometimes purchase.

The National Park medal with the MOOSE on the obverse and the WOLF on the reverse, commerates the first National Park - Yellowstone 1872-1972. The 1940 refers to the date the Isle Royale National Park was established . The park is made up of 200 islands in Lake Superior.

Argentina medals are quite plentiful in South Florida after the monetary changes a dozen years ago in that country. Many citizens visited or emorgrated here during that period, and small things of value were brought out of the country, only to find a very limited market for them in the U.S.

These historical medals were often available at $5 to $10.

The designs and engraving far exceed the street value.

This Medal dated 1896 in Buenos Aires commerates the establishment of a charity school.

Proof AE 47mm

This Medal has a very close connection to our collector.  He spent his whole life working in the hotel business, coming from a hotel family.  When he saw this medal at the flea market, he immediately knew what it represented. As a teenager, he accompanied his Father to the National Hotel & Motel Exposition at Madison Square Garden New York City during one of World War II years in the early forties. Dick Johnson, former head of the Medallic Art Co. advises that the dies were cut by a local New York firm and that the medal was only issued in bronze 73mm size. All were issued to the Exposition in 1965.

THE NEXT SIX ITEMS are of a contempary historical interest.  To have your portrait on American Currency, you have to be a former President and no longer living. As a result of this limitation, satirical political notes have been printed since the 1970's for presidential candidates to promote their election.  They have an odd numismatic connection as exonumia and some of them are quite hilarious, as the 1998 Hillary Rodham Clinton note shows.

On October 13, 1983 Federal Express donated aircraft #199, which it had operated under N8FE for twenty years, to the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. The Falcon was the first commercial jet to be placed in the Air Transportation gallery.

This bronze 52 mm medal was issued to commerate this event.

Thanks to a Stacks employee who reads Cyrillic and her father who was better able to explain the meaning of the words, we identified this medal as IX Summer Tryouts for all Cultural Groups of the USSR

Reverse: Large letters


Ф= Physical,



legend below: City Committee of USSR. These medals were given for participation in tryouts at Moscow 1980.  Struck in Gold, Silver & Bronze 50mm.



A Special Issue of the 1996 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dime struck at the West Point Mint was produced by the United States Mint to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime in recognition of President Roosevelt's long service to the Nation and the March of Dimes.

Date: 1996

Mint: West Point

Condition: Uncirulated

Weight 2.268 grams

Diameter: 17.91mm

Composition: 8.33 Ni

Balance Cu

Designer: John R. Sinnock

Gold Coast Coin Club

Ft.Lauderdale Coin Club