This Small Collection of Medals, Coins, Notes and Other Numismatic Items are being presented to the American Numismatic Society in New York by Roger deWardt Lane
This project started about four years go, upon my retirement, with a good friend, also a serious numismatist, we started regular visits to the local SwapShop in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

The first visit found a Russian crown for $5. later sold on ebay for over ten times and our new nicknames - "Mutt & Jeff". Our coin club started publishing in their newsletter the adventurers of Mutt & Jeff, which after several months, I posted to my first website. Some of them are still up at

Mutt and Jeff regularly attend the local club meetings. At a recent club auction a small lot of medals was not selling, so Mutt offered $1.00 and to his surprise he won the lot. The half a dozen small medals were not in very good condition, thus the "no interest" in this lot. Later at home, Mutt realized, that one item was of particular interest - a 32mm bronze medal, may have been gold plated. Around a left facing portrait of President Wilson is the inscription UPHOLD PRESIDENT WILSON. The reverse has the following inscription – I / HAVE GIVEN / $1.00 / TO THE PENN-SYLVANIA / DEMOCRAT CAMPAIGN FUND / -.- / FOR UNITED STATES SEN-ATOR / A. MITCHELL PALMER / FOR GOVERNOR / VINCE C. McCORMICK / 1914. A story on the Internet indicates that McCormick lost the election.
The story about this Political Script is very interesting and may be seen on my original site.


The story refers to the ham and Eggs fire of 1906 and was issued around 1938.

The Coca .Cola Medal was described on another Mutt & Jeff page. CLICK HERE. The Mayflower Medal was part of a different page, the same as the Ham & Eggs script. CLICK HERE. Roger has a special interest in this as some of his relatives crossed over on the Mayflower.

This Medal was purchased unidentified at the flea market. It took hours of searching the internet with google, before the identification was located. The success was based on typing into google 'mico' and yo and behold the artist was identified. He is well known to the ANS. Their collection has 29 other medals attributed to Mico Kaufman, but not this one.

Obverse: Portrait of young Artist kneeling and holding a circler painting of 5 men. He has buster in left hand, within raised rim.

Reverse: THE HAMILTON MINT / Signature of Artist engraver – MICO KAUFMAN / SPIRIT OF AMERICA, within raised rim.

Ag 50mm Edge: .999  FS C HA 75 P  1640

OBV: HERNANDO DE SOTO / above around / 1500 / Coat of Arms, right,

Bust of deSoto, left / 1532 below/

CONQUISTADOR, around below


Memorial Marker between two trees / P.D. designer / BRADENTON FLORIDA, around below

Undated medal - 50 mm - pewter

Vietnam War Patriotic Peace Medal 1973

63.5mm bronze

Medallic Art Co. N.Y.

Paul Calle, des. & Joseph DeLorenzo, Sc.

Obv. dove of peace flyng above clasped hands. PEACE IN VIETNAM 1973 below.

Rev. Standing figures of soldier holding child, wife and son within wreath,


The Bank of Scotland 1991 One Pound sterling Note is still legal tender in the United Kingdom.

Obverse: In center oval, AL DOCTOR / FEDERICO N. VIDELA / (small cross) 19 DE DICIEMBRE / DE 1920 / SUS AMIGOS, between decorative columns, small hourglass below.

Reverse: EN EL PRIMER / ANIVERSARIO / DE (divided by laurel) / SU / MUERTE

Engraver: GOTTUZZO Y PIANA at lower edge.

Placquette – gold plated copper



Obverse: Bay surrounded by hills and mountains, small sailing ship moored.

Reverse: Stone building

Bronze 39 mm

Comemorative Medal for the 450th Anniversary of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico

1521 - 1971

Obverse: Four views of building, in circles, imposed over country view of mountains, trees, road and buildings.

Reverse: Coat of arms - Five tower crown for El Morro castel, The Lamb of God carrying a cross with flag, surmonted on rock surrounded with water.

Bronze 40 mm